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Qingdao hao housing industry co., LTD(Qingdao hao concrete engineering co., LTD)Was founded2007Years,Is the production of ordinary、High strength、Large volume、Self-compacting、High performance、Special professional enterprise such as concrete。Company is located in the charming coastal city——Qingdao,The company headquarters is located in Qingdao jimo economic development zone,Adjacent to the204National highway,Covers an area of20Million square meters。Company existing staff280People,The senior title of professional and technical personnel10Name,Is Qingdao cieme well-known local concrete production enterprises。

Hao company has the abundant commodity concrete production strength,Existing domestic advanced commercial concrete production equipment——7Environmental mixing plant production line,1The annual output30Ten thousand tons of dry mortar production line,The actual capacity of concrete products can reach500Ten thousand square。Company not only strictly control the quality of the product,Supporting services are perfect,The existing hundreds of concrete mixing car and more than ten car pump can meet the needs of all kinds of large and medium-sized engineering concrete products。