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        The company formerly known as state of wuxi pressure instrument Factory,Specialized in manufacturing all kinds of pressure gauges,Is the pressure instrument industry association member units。
       The company in the industry take the lead pasISO9001Quality management system certification。1991In one of the primary production“Vibration-proof pressure gauge”It has won third prize of province industry science and technology progress。1993Years of gains“Level 3 measurement Industry”;1997Years in wuxi city, for the first“Qualified to confirm”The unit;1998So far this year continuous issued by the municipal government“Enterprise of observing contracts and keeping promise”。
       The company quality defensive reputation。Production Products widely used in metallurgy、Forging press、The oil、Chemical industry、Food、Pharmaceutical machinery、The boiler、Fluid of shear folding machine, etc(Gas)The pressure of the pressure,The main vibration Table、Ant-vibration electric contact pressure gauge is sold well all over the country。

The information center    Information
YSeries pressure gauge
YKSeismic pressure gauge series
YXCSeries magnetic type electric contact pressure gauge
YXKSeries magnetic help seismic electric contact list
YXKCMSeries of magnetic susceptibility electric contact pressure gauge
YXKCHSeries of reed electric contact pressure gauge
Without a connection screw type(ml)And the flange(mf)Diaphragm type pressure gauge
YTZFar eastone series pressure gauge
YBFSeries stainless steel pressure gauge
YKKSeries pressure gauge at the bottom of the bore
YZSeries pressure vacuum gauge
ZSeries vacuum gauge
Resistance to thermal belt hard tube、The radiator and hose connection flange(mf2、mf3、mf4)Diaphragm type pressure gauge
YTZKFar eastone vibration-proof pressure gauge series
YKTSeries of prospecting pressure gauge
YKMT100Special series of mud pump pressure gauge
YBFKSeries stainless steel vibration-proof pressure gauge
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